Friday, August 1, 2008

Commercial Purposes

If you need to use some Icontexto icon package for commercial purposes, make a US$ 50.00 donation through the PayPal website, for each desired package.

After the completion of your payment transaction, IconTexto grants you a Royalty-free license for: non-exclusive, non-transferable, rights to use the icons unlimited times, in any project such as: commercial project, software application, website, GUI design, advertising, film, video, and computer games.

This Agreement specifically does not permit you to: Sub-license, loan, rent, sell, lease, or otherwise transfer the right to use the any Icon(s) to any other person or entity, except to the extent that any such Icon has been incorporated by you into Printed Materials, commercial project, software application, website, or GUI design.

Your name or your company name will be listed with the package licensed for commercial purposes in the Icontexto website.

Commercial purposes?
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